Pak Green , one of the leading Environmental Testing Laboratory and Environmental Engineering Solution services provider in Pakistan, is committed and providing a safe and healthy workplace to its employees and quality services to its partner clients by conducting its professional responsibilities in an environmental friendly manner towards improvement of its performance. The Quality Policy is an equal and consistent part of the organization’s overall policies and strategy.

Pak Green is maintaining and efficiently implementing to fulfill its commitment, by continual effort to:

  • The Lab. Management is committed to meet the requirements of its customers through implementing Good Lab Practices (GLP), providing technical valid results of its testing/calibration activities and consistent operations of the laboratory.
  • The Management is committed to confidentiality and impartiality for all laboratory activities.
  • The Lab. Management is committed to accomplish current Good Lab Practices by application of sound LQMS (Lab. Quality Management System) and complying with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements at all the time.
  • The Lab. Management understands that “Quality of results” is obtained through combination of using standard method, appropriate calibrated equipment, updated procedures and highly skilled, impartial and competent personnel.
  • The Lab. Management is committed to carry out its testing/calibration activities within the laboratory through trained qualified, impartial and competent personnel. Our staff is provided appropriate training to upgrade their knowledge, enhance their competency, make them familiarize with quality system documentation and implement Lab’s policies & procedures at their work place.
  • The Lab Management is committed to comply with the applicable requirements of International Standard i.e. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and continually improve the effectiveness of Management System by analyzing quality objectives, audits reports, risk assessment, analysis of data, corrective actions and through management reviews.