Our national and international team brings together a wide range of expertise in environmental management & assessments, climate change studies, climate Policy, Laws, regulation and environmental quality standards for Public, private and international donor organizations worldwide. We also provide sustainability and enviro-engineering solutions, and analytical lab services to the business and public sectors nationally and worldwide. We have a successful history of providing effective environmental solutions for businesses, government agencies, and organizations across the world. We prioritize understanding the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring tailored solutions that align with their values and objectives. Our team comprising of Chartered Environmentalists, Lab Chemists, Sustainability Scientists, Ecological Scientists, Agronomist, Environmental Health Practitioners, Social Scientists, Engineers, Cleaner Production Consultants, EIA Practitioners, Environmental Lawyers, and Solicitors, is dedicated to creating long-term, sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on both the environment and our clients bottom lines. We encourage you to reach out to any member of our team to discuss your quarries. Together, we can work towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Nasir

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Nasir

Founder/CEO, CEnv, MCIEH-U

  • Mian Iftikhar Ahmad

    Mian Iftikhar Ahmad

    Director, Environment Scientist

  • Zaira-Tasneem

    Zaira Tasneem

    Climate & Organisational Psychologist/Director Based at UK Office

  • Ahmed Raza

    Ahmed Raza

    Director, EIA Practitioner

  • Dr. Madeeha Tasneem

    Dr. Madeeha Tasneem

    Director Research (Pharma Division)

  • umair rashid

    Umair Rashid

    GM, Sustainability & Chemical Scientist

  • Muhammad Raza Ullah

    Muhammad Raza Ullah

    TM, Chief Analyst Lab, Chemical Scientist

  •  farhan

    Farhan Amjad

    CFO/Company Secretary

  •  Qurat-ul-ain


    Quality Manager, Chemical Scientist Lab

  •  Sagheer

    Muhammad Sagheer

    KPK Laboratory Incharge, Chemical-Environmentalist

  •  Abdul Ghufar

    Abdul Ghufar

    Manager Business Development, Social Studies Consultant

  •  Adv Hassnain Ali Naqvi

    Syed Hussnain Ali Naqvi

    Environment Lawyer, FRL-UK

  •  Adil Javed

    Adil Javed

    Chief Coordinator, Chemical-Environmentalist

  •  Sajjad Safdar Cheema

    Sajjad Safdar Cheema

    Cleaner Production Expert

  • Shanza Mazhar

    Shanza Mazhar

    Deputy Technical Manager, Lab Analyst

  • Yamna Nasir

    Yamna Nasir

    Deputy Quality Manager, Lab Analyst

  • Dr Roma Akhtar

    Dr. Roma Akhtar

    Deputy Manager Business Development, Sustainability & Food Scientist

  • Alishbah Syed

    Alishbah Syed

    Assistant Manager R & D, EnvP

  • Sabeera Tauheed

    Sabeera Tauheed

    AM EIA, EnvP

  • Nageen Quyyum

    Nageen Quyyum

    Associate Environmental Professional

  • Muhammad Imran

    Muhammad Imran

    Associate Environmental Professional

  • Ifra Rasheed

    Ifra Rasheed

    Assistant Quality Manager/ Lab Analyst

  • Rimsha Asjid

    Rimsha Asjid

    Assistant Technical Manager/ Lab Analyst

  • Ahsan Akhtar

    Ahsan Akhtar


  • Zainab Wahid

    Zainab Wahid

    Lab Analyst

  • Ammara Mushtaq

    Ammara Mushtaq

    Lab Analyst

  • Farman Ullah

    Farman Ullah

    Lab Analyst

  • zia

    Zia Ur Rahman

    Lab Analyst

  • Syed Badshah

    Syed Badshah

    Lab Analyst

  • Mr. Danish Javed

    Danish Javed

    Lab Analyst

  • Mirza Mubashir Baig

    Mirza Mubashir Baig

    Customer Relation Officer

  • Aruba Imran

    Aruba Imran

    Customer Relation Officer

  • Zoya Shahid

    Zoya Shahid

    Design & Operation Engineer

  • Irfan Nawaz

    Irfan Nawaz

    Environmental Engineer

  • Arsalan Haider

    Arsalan Haider

    Field Analyst

  • Muhammad Amin Electrical

    Muhammad Amin

    Electrical Engineer

  • Maham Ahsan

    Maham Ahsan

    Management Trainee Officer

  • Jawad Ahmad

    Jawad Ahmad

    Lab Assistant

  • Rehman Shahid

    Shahid Rehman

    Senior Field Assistant

  • Muhammad Waseem

    Muhammad Waseem

    Field Assistant

  • Waseem Ahmed

    Waseem Ahmed

    Field Assistant

  • Basharat


    Field Assistant

  • Khalid Amin

    Khalid Amin

    Field Assistant

  • Bakhshish Khan

    Bakhshish Khan

    Field Assistant

  • Muhammad Luqman

    Muhammad Luqman


  • Adeel Sagheer

    Adeel Sagheer

    Office Assistant

  • Sajid


    Office Assistant

  • Muhammad Kamran

    Muhammad Kamran

    WWTP Operator

  • Muhammad Toufeeq

    Muhammad Toufeeq

    WWTP Operator

  • Muhammad Akram

    Muhammad Akram

    WWTP Operator

  • Muhammad Saqib Awan

    Muhammad Saqib Awan

    WWTP Operator

  • Usama Abdullah

    Usama Abdullah

    WWTP Operator